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COP18/CMP8: Young People Tell Climate Negotiators That It’s also about Their Future

While their numbers and even voices may not be as pronounced at the UN climate negotiations here in Doha, the simple presence of young people at the talks is a reminder to the negotiators that it’s not just about the energy and economic security, but also about generations to come.

While different countries and same interest blocks protectively fight for their bargain, the youths here are not interested on who takes what, all they are watching for is whether the outcome of these talks will safeguard the rights of future generations.

“All we are here for is to demand for is inter-generational equity. We want these delegates to know that it’s out future they are bargaining with” said Obiake Michael, a youth who has traveled to Doha as part of the African observer team with the United Nations.

“Whatever agreement they will reach here is a cheque that will be cashed by either us or our children and all the young people across the world”.

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