Youth Empowerment

After completing their studies most Youth want to go to the major cities to look for Jobs and many of them do not like to take agriculture despite the Fact that it is theBack bone of the Country’s economy.

The average age of the Kenyan farmer is now 50 Years, yet majority of the population is below that age. This is a very worrying trend and we need to change if if the Coutry is to move forward.

In my own Small way of giving back the the community I have started a mobilizing the Youth in Nandi County and we are now doing agribusiness projects utilizing innovative technolgies e.g Green house farming.

Hilda , Brenda and IsaacKwetu MembersThe Major Challenge that the Youth face is lack of Capital to start up their projects. They also do not have collateral o enable them apply for Loans and this limits their involvement in Agribusiness.

Despite these working together as a group makes it easier because they can raise capital and be able to start small and with time be able to expand.

I will be sharing more about our project in days ahead.

Women Empowerment

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Women empowerment is Key to the Success of A country. It is our responsibility  to strengthen women in all gender roles to empower them to become economically independent leaders able to participate in the decision making process.

As a Young Graduate, I took part inoffering a 3  Month Agribusiness to Women in Belbur area of  Njoro District.  The training is in focused areas of self employment opportunities in the agri-related and in areas of interest where marketable products could be produced for income generation.

The Entrepreneur development Training was meant to  catalyse entrepreneurship in rural communities by providing self-employment training. The programme is aimed to develop technical and management skills to promote sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry, agri
based small industry, credit and savings, environmental conservation etc. The subject categ ories in this that we offered the Women are Financial literacy, Marketing mamagement, crop production skills, jewellery, green house management, poultry and food science.

Community Development in Kitui

Climate change is expected to increase the severity, duration and frequency of extreme events such as floodsand drought , thereby threatening water availability and food security for millions of (poor) people . To safeguard our future, we should develop adaptive measures that reduce current vulnerability.

As an Agribusiness graduate I support the efforts by the Government and Private sector to come up with innovative projects that best suits Arid areas.This include coming up with water Storage methods. Earth Dams are an  important adaptation for ensuring water availability and food security to rural and urban populations, especially in dry areas like Kitui.

We Recently Toured the Area with a local MP. Hon Charles Kilonzo, to see how best we can assist the communities in that region and to sensitize them on water stoarage through use of Earth Dams.

Isaac and Hon. Kilonzo – Inspecting the area where the Earth Dam will be Constructed

The Initial phase is already started

Hon. Kilonzo gives a donation to support Women Projects

The Project is now on going and Farmers have started making use of the resource already.

I visit them once in a month and they are doing tremendous work on the Ground.

I am sure if more the Goverment, the local leaders and the Private sector join hands we are going to defeat Hunger in Kenya and and this wll also get more people out of poverty

  1. I admire the work and efffort you are putting in to your projects.
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    This will improve Irrigation Efficiency and precision water application by up to 30% saving.
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  2. congratulations on the good work,keep it up

  3. Hi, I’m Dalton Nyabundi of Nation (NMG) Kisumu. I like you story and would like to follow it up for paper coverage. If interested please contact me

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