Introduction to FARA e-discussion on YOUTH and Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA)

The world we leave in is becoming more complex and thinkers say it’s becoming more uncertain. Let’s discuss about some key topics related to youth (the future leaders) and agriculture (a key sector for the development of Africa) during the next three weeks.

Is climate real ? Is it having impact around you? in your life? Famine and malnutrition are killing every day in Africa, how can you increase production and improve food security on the continent? Have you heard about Climate Smart Agriculture? Can you, as a young actor, make a difference in Agricultural practices today? What decisions and actions must be taken for future generation?

Let’s debate these topics. The e-discussion is running from 23rd of September to the 15th of October 2014.

1st week (23 – 30 Sept.) will focus on: Youth (in Africa) – Agriculture – Climate change – Climate Smart Agriculture

2rd week (1 – 7 Oct.): Youth in Africa and Climate Smart Agriculture

3rd week (8 – 15 Oct.) will be a wrap up and orient the discussion to decision making and actions

Enjoy the discussion and let your voice be heard by others!

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