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Twitter comes to the aid of Kenyans in the hour of need- Check out my best tweets

The protest by public transport operators against the new traffic rules has turned Nairobi into a “walk to work city”. Since yesterday hundreds of stranded commuters have been force to walk all the way to work.

With the Matatu strike on going, trust the Kenyans to come up with a solution to this issue. Using the Twitter hashtag #CarpoolKe.  Kenyans who need rides are matched with those willing to offer rides to work in the morning and home in the evening.

To me this is the best of the Kenyan spirit and one of the best positive stories from Kenya. I salute Kenya Redcross for coming up with this idea.

Kenya Redcross came up with the idea last evening to help those stranded in town to get back to work

Our media houses have also been so great and I wish you could see the spirit of Nationhood that Kenyans have. Even Presidential candidate at Martha Karua also is also part of the team.
Our friend @Davidwere from Ushahidi went a step further and quickly set up a crowdmap  using data generated on twitter. This makes it easier to for people to locate a ride to work.

CarpoolKE crowdmap

Here are some of my best tweets from #CarpoolKe

Thanks for willing to offer a ride

I am moved too

Safety first

Infographic: Charting the history of agriculture and climate change

A new infographic that maps the progress of the agricultural sector in addressing climate change throughout the history of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations has been launched on the sidelines of this year’s climate summit in Doha.

The Story of Agriculture and Climate Change: The Road We’ve Travelled   highlights significant events in the international calendar, such as the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997, the initiation of REDD in 2005 and the first ever Agriculture and Rural Development Day in 2009.

The infographic features a call-to-action from 19 of the world’s leading agricultural organisations, calling for the creation of a Work Programme on Agriculture under the Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technology Advice (SBSTA) – a scientific advisory group to the UNFCCC.

The infographic was created by Farming First, a coalition of farmers associations, engineers and scientists, in partnership with the CGIAR Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security research program (CCAFS) and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT).

Supporting climate policies through social media

This is a COP 18 Event taking place in Doha Qatar

If you’re taking part in the UN climate talks in person or in spirit, join us on Wednesday 28 November for what promises to be a fascinating discussion.

There has never been a more critical time to know how to effectively communicate climate change.

Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other sites are all part of the rich tapestry of the web – and all critical tools journalists, campaigners and diplomats can use to convey their message.

On Wednesday 28 November RTCC is joining forces with partners from Adopt a Negotiator, tcktcktck and Earth in Brackets for a 90 minute interactive debate on how climate policymaking can be supported through social media.

If you’re in Doha, join them! It will take place in Side Event Room 7 between 1315-1445.

Send  your views via twitter using the hashtag #RTCCsocial or email

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