Lessons learnt from Thika farmers.


A horticulture farm in Thika

This weekend, I had the previllage to visit a farm I managed during my days as an intern at Bayer CropScience and I must say I am impressed by the farming going on there.
If all Kenyan farmers were as aggressive as the farmers I met today then we would definately be able to feed this country and have plenty more to sell.
What I learnt is that farming is not just ploughing the land and putting seeds on the ground. There is a lot more that needs to be done for example farm scouting for pests and diseases. A farmer also needs to understand the nutrients that are needed in the farm and he should ensure that his/her farm is well maintained.
The most important thing is that farming should be treated as a business and this calls for record keeping. A serious farmer should be able to keep records of all the activities in the farm.
Another important thing is market information, before you decide to venture into any type of farming you should do a market research to know if there is a good market for your produce.


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