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This is a Great Way to go

Minnesota Cornerstone Blog

By MCGA Agvocate Kelsey Gunderson

Agriculture students, industry leaders and farm families are all great advocates for agriculture. Telling the agriculture story is so important and we have to be prepared for questions no matter the place or circumstance we may be in. It is said that the average American is three generations removed from the farm and many do not know where their food comes from.  Myths of factory farms, nutrition and technology within agriculture are some things that people hear and believe. It is understandable because for many this is the only information that they hear about their food and farms. 

As advocates for agriculture we need to tell our story and inform the public about the truth about agriculture. Through organizations like Minnesota Corn Growers, Minnesota Soybean Growers and Farmers Feed US, there are many opportunities to inform the public about these helpful farm organizations and about…

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