Earth Day 2012 -A chance for us to appreciate mother nature

Tomorrow April 22, is the “World Earth day” a chance for us to appreciate mother nature for all it has offered us through out the years. 

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a rural parts of Kenya and as a son of a farmer I was lucky to have spend time in the village near a forest. I used to take look after my fathers cattle every evening after school and on weekends my friends and I used to take the cattle to the grazing fields by the sides of the forest. Those were the best times of my life and I have come to cherish them so much., The sound of the birds singing, the baboons and gazelles were a must watch and what I loved the most was the childhood adventures we had.

In late 1990’s, the government gave permission to people to do farming near the forest. The locals were so excited to get this opportunity, but to us children we were so sad because  it meant we were going to miss our playing field which was converted to a farmland. That was just the start of things getting from bad to worse, we watched with shock as people cut down tress to create a farm lands without thinking about the consequences. By the time the government stopped this activity and reclaimed this farm, thousands of hectares of forest land had been destroyed and it still hurts me date.

We moved from the area in 2005 and we now live in a few miles away from the area now and it has completely changed, though the memories of such a wonderful and serene place is still clear in my mind. What I learned from it is  that our resources aren’t going to be around forever, and I saw that firsthand on  the good forest that is there no more. What the locals should have known is that you get out what you put in, and if you don’t replenish what you take away, you’re going to lose out, and lose out big time.

As I grew older I had a chance to travel to different parts of the country from and see how beautiful our country is. I was also able to read and follow the events Mau  forest . I now live in the city but truth is, I miss the country side and especially my fathers cows, the fresh food from the farms, the cool air, the sound of the birds, milking the cows and

As we celebrate the earth day I wanna remind everyone really appreciate mother earth, be in your you should probably be on your greenest of green behavior. You can decide to plant a tree alternatively the you can participate in any of the following earth day events.

As this quote put it,

“There is no ‘work’ involved with ‘appreciating’ Me. Just come out into my spaces and Love me, enjoy me, drink me, breathe me, sense me. It will fill you back up. And you will ‘save’ Me as well. Your Love for the trees, the streams, the rocks, the animals will feed them and keep them safe. Your appreciation of me will ‘appreciate’ me, will lift me up in vibratory rate, will strengthen me and I will be able to give you my beauty and love back.”

To Know more about this day Visit Earth day 2012 website. You can also watch the video below.

Happy Earth day Fans


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  1. Isaac, that was a good story. I wish the forest that you cherished reclaims its former beauty one day

  2. I hope it isn’t too late to say Happy earth day! 🙂

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